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A crazy podcast about the best of the worst. Listen to our stories of stupidity, epic fails and human nature at its finest.

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E19 It All Sounds Fishy to Me

This collection of fishy tales and stupidity is sure to make you smile... or slap your forehead.


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Meet the

Saluting Darwin Team

Chris suffers from a chronic condition that causes him to hit his head repeatedly when listening to bad puns. No one has been able to find a cure for this rare condition. Please don't feel bad for Chris. Ironically, his condition seems to lessen when Ethan leaves the room. Oh yea, and he loves the Beatles.


Head Slapper

Chris C.


Knee Slapper

Known far and wide for his love of puns, no conversation is safe from the twisted mind of Ethan. He gets the nickname, the knee slapper, because he loves to crack himself up. Coincidently, there is more head slapping when he is around. His favorite thing to do is sing, no really, we can't get him to stop.

Ethan B.


Face Slapper

Youngest of the bunch, Kyra can sometimes be the voice of reason when the guys get a bit out of control. Yes, there is a voice of reason on this show. Beware, she is known for her spontaneous cackle and "Yurps" (see episode 1 for explanation). Her favorite food is okra and popcorn... just not together.

Kyra B.

Oh yea, don't forget the producer!

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