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E12 Weight loss and an Off Balanced Meal

Mom always said "Everything in moderation." I guess, once again, she was right.

E11 A Glove, a Drunk Bear, and a Cactus

In this episode we have to wonder if there is a wrong place to leave a glove, a bad way to give a bear hug, and a horrible way to get acupuncture. We think by the end of the episode the answer will be YES!

E10 Christmas Special

To brighten up the end of the year and celebrate the holidays, the Saluting Darwin team are bringing you 6 Christmas miracles. Happy Holidays to all!

E9 Don't Tap The Glass, They Hate That!

The moral of the story is: even if you get to choose your death, you still die, tapping on the glass isn't good even if it isn't a fish tank, and Boston sure does like its sweet tea.

Clippit - A Rough First Day

Have you ever thought, "This job is going to kill me."? Well, in some cases it just might. Join us this week for a quick story about a gravedigger who takes his job way too seriously.

E8 Danger in the Great Outdoors.

This episode is one giant segue! Things go flying with a fishing trip gone awry, and an electricians wife gets a shocking diagnosis.

Clippit -
Man-Eating House

When a childhood game of "the floor is lava" turns into a nightmare.

E7 Street Beer and a Bit of Jack Daniels...on the Rocks.

In this episode we find: there really can be too much beer, oddly enough, kicking things doesn't always make things work, and getting up for work in the morning can be hard.

Clippit - Whatever, Germany!

A horrifying case of deja-vu that makes us not want to take those midnight walks anymore.

E6 Everest and the Ninja Turtle.

Taking this episode to the EXTREME, when a bad office lunch, snowboarding and an unfortunate turtle turns deadly.

Clippit 4 

Magic Wifi

Another tech support treasure. Check in with the Saluting Darwin team with this story that goes way beyond texting and driving.

S1 E5 A Haunted House, an Outhouse, and Tech Support In-House?

A hazing gone horribly wrong, a crappy $300 phone, and our helpful friends from tech support.

Halloween Special with Mr. Formaldehyde

Listen, if you dare, to our crazy Halloween special with special guest, Mr. Formaldehyde. Join us for  tales of culinary carnage and next level Halloween candy.

Schnapps, Whippits, and an Unfortunate Breakfast in Bed.

In this episode we learn that once again that alcohol is not our friend and although quite tasty, whip cream can be deadly. We also learn that if you are going to have a guest drop in for breakfast, they should probably use the door.

Clippit with Llamas

With Halloween quickly approaching, we couldn't leave this story out. What do you do on Halloween? Whatever it is, it probably doesn't involve llamas, does it?

Let's Go Fly a Kite with Rebellious Robots & the Headless Horsemans' Pet Chicken

Sparks fly during this episode! Bring on the stories of shifty self driving cars, failed electricians and a chicken dinner gone wrong.

Clippit 2

Use the Door Next Time

Sometimes drunk people just shouldn't be left alone...even in France! Thanks for listening to our Clippit. This is a story that got cut from last weeks episode. Tune in next week for a new full episode.

An Out of this World BBQ with Roast Chuck and Cream Corn.

In episode 2 the Saluting Darwin team share stories that bring dynasties to a smoky end, shed light on a billion year old alien, and tips on how NOT to make popcorn.

The Magic Mattress Ride

It's a snippet, it's a clip, no it's a clippit!! Saluting Darwin airs full episodes every 2 weeks so in the meantime please enjoy a quick story that didn't make it into the last episode. Enjoy!

Is This Thing On?

Niagara Falls, a trip to the ER, and the dog who cost 3 people theirs. That about sums up the pilot episode of Saluting Darwin. Oh and yes, a "yurp" is a thing...we think.

The Teaser

Introducing a crazy podcast about the best of the worst. Listen, if you dare, to our stories of stupidity, epic fails and human nature at its finest.

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